HOROLOVOX aka Mitch Greenblatt

Mitch Greenblatt aka Horolovox & Watchismo

Mitch Greenblatt bought his first vintage watch in 1998. That lit the fuse to what would end a career as an illustrator and ignite a passion for vintage watch collecting, dealing, blogging, and ultimately, designing and producing unique watches for his watch brand, Xeric.

Greenblatt's first online presence was an early eBay dealer selling some of the watches he collected and quickly become official when, in 1999, an editor from Vogue magazine reached out and wanted to write about his rare collectible vintage watches from the 60s and 70s. To write about him, they needed a brand to talk about, and that was the birth of Watchismo.com.

Horolovox formerly Watchismo vintage watch collection

A Coolhunting.com video documented Mitch's vintage collection in 2006 (below), which led to the launch of his Watchismo Times blog and the subsequent introduction of new watches at his online store.

Mitch Greenblatt Watchismo Cool Hunting Video

In 2007, Mitch was approached by the French watch brand, LIP, who wanted to break into the U.S. market with reissues of their most popular models from the 70s and an area of Mitch's expertise. 

Watchismo Logo

After years of offering unique timepieces from brands around the world, the Watchismo team created its own brand, Xeric watches. They've since launched over a dozen successful Kickstarter campaigns, including the most funded timepieces in Kickstarter history

Xeric NASA Apollo 11 Anniversary watches

Xeric deconstructs the traditions of watch designs and push the boundaries of how to display time on a mechanical watch.

"For him, it wasn't about price or provenance, but rather about how interesting the watch was. Mitch was then, as he is now, more or less bored by the "traditional" vintage watches out there, which are so ubiquitous and often uninspired." -Ariel Adams: A Blog To Watch".

Xeric Vendetta Automatic Wandering Hour Watches

Mitch now shares his growing collection on Instagram and other social venues as @horolovox

@horolovox on Instagram

Watchismo has since acquired and merged into Watches.com, where a long-standing mission of providing unique and affordable modern timepieces is perfectly captured by their motto, 'Time to be Different.'

Watches.com logo
The book, Retro Watches (below) was published by Thames & Hudson in June 2020.  It features some of the most unique watches from the collection of Mitch Greenblatt.  Reserve your hand-signed copy now direct from the collector himself or buy one on Amazon.
"From dusty, conservative classics, Retro Watches presents a selection of over 100 watches from the late 1950s, 60s, and 70s - the golden age of avant-garde watchmaking and experimentation. These stylish timepieces sport exuberant cases, bold hues, eccentric displays, and a distinctive retro-futuristic vibe."


Retro Watches from Thames & Hudson